How Do Green Fuel Tabs Work?


1. Green Fuel Tabs help your fuel to burn more efficiently and completely. Because more of your fuel is burning, you get better gas mileage and less of it gets wasted as harmful emissions. This is why you can get up to 20% better mileage, and up to a 50% decrease in your car’s emissions and pollution.

2. Green Fuel Tabs is a natural process that cleans the gunky deposits out of your combustion chamber and engine, allowing it to burn more efficiently and more completely, and with less friction and heat. This results in better gas mileage, more power, lower emissions, and a cleaner running engine. All of this is done without using any harmful detergents, and is an environmentally friendly and green process.



Quickly Dissolves in Your Fuel Tank


Cleaner Combustion Means Less Toxic Emissions

3. With Green Fuel Tabs, a proprietary “Quick Dissolve” process is used to dissolve the tabs before you finish filling your tank with gas. This means the tab is dissolved and dispersed into your full tank of gas, and is ready to go to work in burning your fuel more efficiently. It is the GFT tabs proprietary quick dissolve process that also makes the tabs perfectly safe to use in your vehicle.


                                         Help Eliminate Impurities in Your Engine

Because of the impurities in petroleum-based fuels, carbon deposits form along the surfaces of the combustion chamber, which will not combust at normal engine operating temperatures. These deposits are the problem. They are what cause your fuel mileage to drop over the life of your vehicle, they are what causes you to have to use higher octane fuels, they are the primary cause of automotive emissions that hurt the environment, they are what cause your motor oil to get dirty, they are what plugs up your fuel injectors, and they are what cause a decline in overall engine performance and power. As a Catalyst, Green Fuel Tabs, lowers the Energy of Activation rate, which allows the carbon deposits to burn off at temperatures as low as 200șC opposed to 600șC. Green Fuel Tabs are a gas and diesel fuel additive.

Green Fuel Tabs bond to these impurities and deposits, and as a catalyst it allows a chemical reaction to happen at a temperature where it normally wouldn't happen. This chemical reaction allows the impurities to completely combust with the fuel, and the deposits burn also. This reaction is a horsepower booster that delivers more energy to the rear wheels.

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